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Custom Halloween Costume Cosplay BB Gun Kabuki Samurai Evil Demon Oni Airsoft Mask

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Mã: MA228

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  • On sale at $69 and free shipping !!! Our mask is custom product, so you cannot find this mask with other seller just here and we have sold more than 5000 masks in 4 years.
  • Material : Made from high quality exterior Strongest Fiberglass that used in car and ship business. Our mask is too strong as HOCKEY mask.
  • Free size fit all : 6.5 Wide 5 High 3.5 Deep (Inch). We do special technic that make all masks light weight around 0.30 – 0.40 kg. (not included padding inside yet)
  • Estimate delivery time is around 14-21 days. Ship by registered Thai Airmail.
  • We provide the flexible foam that cover with too soft fabric inside all mask ,so the mask can adjustable to match with your physical face. All masks have airflow and fog free system below eyes and around your nose. It’s small and difficult to see. All masks provide 2 point straps that adjustable to your perfect fit, so the mask is fit as you want and doesn’t annoy you while you’re in the battle field.

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